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Sunday, July 13, 2008
Sorry...we just couldn't pass this one up. True or not, it's the stuff bingo legends are made of . . .

Winning at bingo can make men more 'horny'!

Britain News.Net
Sunday 13th July, 2008 (ANI)

London, July 13 : Forget sexy dresses, delicious dinners - all you need to do to make your man get into the mood for action in the bedroom is make him win the real bingo jackpot.

According to a new study by Mecca Bingo, two-thirds of the players say a big win makes them more amorous when they get home, reports The Daily Record.

But some lucky partners may not realise the reason behind the sudden physical attraction, as up to 37 per cent of winners don't tell their other halves about the windfall.

The study said that more than a third found playing bingo more exciting than being with their partner.

One in four would leave their partner if they won a prize of 25,000 pounds or more.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008
Sorry for lack of updates. We're back on it now. Several games have closed since our last update and these have been removed from the listings. If you are aware of any other changes, please let us know.

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