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HELP US HELP YOU - 11/08/2013
We periodically receive emails about this game or that game being closed and why are they still listed in our directory? The fact is because this is a free directory, we don't communicate regularly with the game managers. Often when they close, they don't tell us.

You can help us with this. If a game listed here has closed and they still appear in our listings, drop us a line to and let us know. We strive to be as current as possible, but we can't fix what we don't know about. Also, if a new game opens up, let us know that too. Again, we want our information to be as current as possible.

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Movie tonight?…been there. Sporting event?…done that.
Do something different - COME PLAY BINGO !!

With many of the positive changes in game of bingo and charitable gaming in Ohio over the last few years, bingo has moved out of the realm of “Grandma’s little secret” and into the realm of a mainstream entertainment alternative. It offers the excitement and potential reward of casino-style gaming in a friendly neighborhood environment…all the keeping your donations and support close to home supporting local charity and community organizations and projects.

Bring a friend…bring a date…bring your buddies...bring...Mom or Dad is dedicated to supporting both the charities that operate bingo as a means of fund-raising, and both beginning and veteran bingo players who supports these great causes with your time and dollars.

The site is revised often. Lots more is coming. If you have a favorite bingo game that's not listed here, let us know the days and times they play, and we'll add them right away. If you have ideas as to what you'd like to see added, changed, corrected, or expanded, let us know that too. Contact us anytime at

So get ready…check out our Game Search section to find a bingo game close to you today…and get ready to have a fun-filled experience, make new friends, support a good cause, and…WIN SOME CASH !!.

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